INSQUARE enhances the function of each dermal cell. To develop this original series of skincare products, we combined medical discoveries with our rich experience in the field of esthetics.
The result is INSQUARE - innovation in skincare that awakens your skin's miraculous power to rejuvenate itself and rollback the effects of aging.

- created from the field of esthetics
Medical research has shown that stress lies at the root of numerous skin problems. At TRUST WINGS esthetic salons, we never cease to be astonished at how many of our customers have developed skin trouble from stress of one type or another.
How does stress cause skin problems?
Homeostasis is the body's ability to remain in balance and adapt to stress we impose on it. When stress levels exceed our body's capacity to adapt to them, our immune system, nervous system and hormones fall out of balance. Such imbalance can affect even skin moisture.
Women are especially susceptible. Menstruation, pregnancy, menopause and other physical changes that naturally occur in a woman's body can easily lead to hormonal imbalance. Estrogen and progesterone are among the hormones that may fall out of balance, and both have a strong relationship to your skin and how it functions. With more and more women working demanding jobs today, it is only natural that stress is on the rise.
TRUST WINGS' experience in treating stress-related skin problems led to the creation of INSQUARE Therapy. In other words, this treatment was developed on the front lines of modern esthetics.
INSQUARE Therapy starts from a deep feeling shared by each person: "I want to be beautiful." Naturally, INSQUARE Therapy has a profound effect on each dermal cell. Once you discover its power, you can further expand its effectiveness by applying the power of your mind, using your will to realize your true beauty. Move beyond asking, Will this face pack make me more beautiful? Start believing, This face pack will make me more beautiful. By combining such positive images in your mind with proper usage, your hormones will return to balance and your skin will radiate beauty from the inside.
Many skincare products nowadays are promoted as quick and easy to use. The claim of such products is that women can simply "add on" beauty. To be sure, the busy lives of women today make such claims seem rational. But such attitudes will surely lead to a decline in the consciousness of beauty. And gradually true radiance will diminish.
To maximize the effectiveness of the leading-edge technology behind INSQUARE cosmetics and produce the best condition for your skin, trust the product and work to enhance your own sense of beauty. Please enjoy every moment you spend using the INSQUARE skincare series.

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