Enriched lifestyles through the pursuit of beauty.

At TRUST WINGS Co., Ltd., our mission is to enhance a woman's beauty for an enriched and happier life.
Pursuit of beauty - the wish to make oneself more beautiful - is a person's greatest desire.
By bringing elements of beauty into all areas of life - food, clothing, housing - we help people to lead fuller lives filled with deep emotion.
TRUST WINGS is committed to continually proposing new lifestyles that flow with beauty.

President / C.E.O.
Junichi ISHII
Business Operations
From the enhancement of individual beauty to a lifestyle filled with beauty- TRUST WINGS

TRUST WINGS offers beauty expertise in numerous fields: planning, development and sales of beauty-related products; beauty education and consulting; planning and management of esthetic salons; and art and design.
Our professional staff constantly thinks of new ways to answer the question: "What is necessary to become more beautiful and live a more beautifully splendid life?" Our experience and ideas lead to the continuous creation of new proposals on total beauty and a stylish life focused on beauty.
Research & Development and Overseas Activities

Leading-edge skincare technology

Through collaborations with R&D institutions and manufacturing companies in the fields of beauty and cosmetics, and the use of leading-edge technology and know-how, TRUST WINGS produces and provides beauty products that are a step ahead.

Safe and reliable products

TRUST WINGS focuses on reviving the qualities of beauty inherent in healthy skin. Our research and development is conducted under the auspices of medical professionals specializing in skin regenerative medicine. In fact, the originator of our Mixing Pack was awarded the Japan Bio-venture Award* in recognition of superior safety. Our promise: Always deliver products that people can use with peace of mind.

* Japan Bio-venture Award: Granted to new business ventures for the establishment of prospective business models based on original, creative R&D.

Highly evaluated technology, global activities

TRUST WINGS' advanced technology has earned a superior reputation in Japan. As a result, we are often invited to participate in international beauty-related exhibitions and to give presentations on our technologies. We will continue developing our business activities in Japan and around the world through various networks.

OEM Product Development

o Ever Feel Cosmetics Series
o EDUCE Series
o NANIWA for Russia Series
o Derec Care Series
Company Information

Company name TRUST WINGS Co., Ltd.
Address Aroma Sakuragaoka 302, 13-4 Sakuragaoka-cho
Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0031, Japan
Tel +81-3-5784-1936
Fax +81-3-5784-1937
URL http://www.trustwings.com
E-Mail info@trustwings.com
Distribution center Wing-sense Product Center
6200-16 Okazaki, Fukuroi-shi, Shizuoka, Japan
Tel: 0538-30-4738 Fax: 0538-30-4739
Establishment April 1, 2002
Board members President/CEO : Junichi Ishii
Director : Yuko Kamioka
Director : Mayumi Ishii
Business Operations
Planning and research and development in the fields of cosmetics, hair care products, health food, and others
Retail, mail-order and online sales of cosmetics, and others
Planning for beautician training and provision of instructors
Planning and management of beauty stores, salons, etc.
Development of businesses overseas, and planning and sales of cosmetics for overseas markets
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