INSQUARE Mixing Pack is built around a revolutionary discovery - carbon dioxide generated inside a gel base is effectively absorbed by the skin. This discovery enabled us to create a technology that supplies more oxygen to dermal cells.
For ultimate skincare, INSQUARE Mixing Pack is used extensively at the first stage. As it begins to work inside the skin, cells are revitalized and maximizes metabolism, so new skin cells can be generated.
Then, through regular use, your skin will be continuously reborn, and be bright and clear.
An additional benefit of increased cellular activity is that excess fat is burned, reducing flabby skin around the eyes and improving tone and sharpness in the face line.

Mixing granule A and gel base B creates carbon dioxide. The Drug Delivery System (DDS) enables skin to effectively absorb the carbon dioxide, maximizing cellular metabolism.
physiologic activity of carbon dioxide which is absorbed by skin

  Blood stream gets better and you could feel your skin gets warmer
・Protein compositionincreace
  Amount of protein such as collagen is thought to be increased. It usually takes more than 3 weeks.for the effect to appear
・Metabolism promotion of fat
  It usually takes more than 2 weeks for the effect to appearx
・Excretion promotion of wastes
  It is thought to be of help to improve swelling etc.

Metabolism mechanism by carbon dioxide

Carbon dioxide delivered to blood vessels is absorbed by erythrocytes and exchanged with oxygen in the hemoglobin. Oxygen forced out from the hemoglobin is absorbed into skin cells from the blood vessels. Carbon dioxide is discharged primarily from the lungs. This process activates metabolism.

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